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Central Lodge No. 1
2201 Central Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46205
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About Central Lodge No. 1

Central Lodge No. 1 F&AM PHA is Indiana's oldest Prince Hall Affiliated Masonic Lodge, operating under the jurisdiction of the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Indiana, and headquartered near the heart of downtown Indianapolis. For over 150 years, Central Lodge No. 1 has dedicated itself in making good men better through the instruction and exemplification of the values, ideals, and principles of Freemasonry.

Central Lodge No. 1 has a vision to properly serve our community, state, and nation, which is rendered to people of all races and nationalities to improve their social, cultural and economic conditions. Our mission is built on the foundation of fidelity, its purpose is service, and its measure is in charity.

A Brief History of Central Lodge No. 1

Central Lodge Number 1 F&AM of Indianapolis, Indiana was originally named, warranted, and chartered as Union Lodge Number 5 by the Grand Lodge of Ohio on August 1, 1849.

At the formation of "The Independent Union Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons" of the State of Indiana on September 13, 1856, the lodge number was changed from Number 5 to Number 1.

A convention was held on June 25, 1873, under the leadership of Grand Master William H. Russell where the name of the Grand Lodge was changed to the "The Most Worshipful Independent Union Grand Lodge of the State of Indiana"; and, Union Lodge Number 1 of Indianapolis was consolidated with Gleaves Lodge Number 2 of Indianapolis; and, was renamed as CENTRAL LODGE NUMBER 1 to avoid conflict with the name of the Grand Lodge.

Today, Central Lodge Number 1 continues to serve Indiana as of one its premier and most esteemed Prince Hall Masonic Lodges, carrying on an over 150 year legacy of making good men better.
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